by Flavor Crystals

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released July 7, 2007



all rights reserved


Flavor Crystals Minneapolis, Minnesota

Self recorded "On Plastic" released 2005 on mpls ltd. "Ambergris" recorded with Kramer and released on vinyl by mpls ltd in 2007 and on CD by Second Shimmy (Distributed by Cargo UK) in 2008. Toured the US opening for the Brian Jonestown Massacre in 2009. Third album "Three" was recorded at the Basement Apartment, to be released 6/15/2012 on mpls ltd as triple vinyl and digital download. ... more

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Track Name: Churchfuzz
Rippled reflection
Inverted painting
Image inflecting
Warbled perfection

Hollow grey neon
Dead ghosts of nightlife
At bright city stoplight
In bright city daylight

Rumbles and whistles
Green light a go light
Snuffs out the brake lights
Long chains of brake lights

Track Name: Ambergris
Sallow and pale
Hollow grey shell
Hidden from sight
Ambergris inside

Restrained, controlled
Encapsuled soul
To let…it go
Tears a gaping hole

Explode, expel
So volatile
Bile and vitriol
Marvelously vile

Out on the floor
Frightening, beautiful
Glowing, sputtering
Opalescent fire

Slowly, it buoys up
Sweetens with time
Fragrant, pearloid
Afloat on the brine
Track Name: Guppython
Guppy coming, guppython
Double crossing chromosomes
Breeding, feeding, eating young
Schooling food for guppy mom

Lamprey light and goby swarm
Goby soma, baby bomb
Lampricidal breeding ground
Swelling, choking, smothering

Turtle dove and guppy love
More or less a product of
Lamprey teeth and goby bones
Guppy clones and chromosomes
Track Name: Squid Ink
What’s up Jennie…what went wrong?
We both conked out and slept too long

Squid life, give the ink of gone
Look around and nothing’s wrong

Focus deep and focus long
Sprawled upon the floor, a faun

Awake from deep and sleep is gone
Tentacles still gripping on

Shake the husband, wake the wife, take the alabaster knife
Track Name: Tsar Bomba
A house is built, but nobody’s home
No one is home, it’s nobody’s home
Got what you want, thought what you need
Everything in place, everyone agreed

False sheen fades soon, new falls away
Lost and alone, more every day
Another year gone, still all alone
No patina forms on a house that’s not a home
Track Name: Homewrecker
Pilot light, lit
Counter hatch, lino cut
Wine and rust, rings around the tin
Kitchen, home of butchers, bakers and green homewreckers

Wrinkled pears die
While mold empires come alive
Vinegar, tannins bleed and seep
Live or die, butchers, bakers and green homewreckers

Cinnabar eyes
Faceted, blurry sight
Fruity flies, drunk and high in loopy flight
Clapped flat by butchers, bakers and green homewreckers
Track Name: Snobrite
Sno brite and glistening
Diamonds surround us
Gin clear and crystalline
In hand they twinkle

As soon as they are found
These snowflakes are gone
Just dew drops and sting
Our hands are like spring

Orange lemon, grape ape
Chocolate, blue lake
Sno cone dunce cap
Easy to grab